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Victory to those with faith
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

In our world today, we see much turmoil and distress that appears as if we have lost the fight of experiencing true love, peace and joy.

I charge you not to faint on God while these events are taking place. I charge you to run to God with your problems, because the victory has already been won with him.

If you are experiencing unusual circumstances, from your marriage, job, children, ministry, family, health or your own personal struggles, just know you have the victory! When Jesus died on the cross for all humanity victory was won.

You must believe and know that everything you are going through is conditioning you to be stronger. Now is not the time to complain, this is the time to pray and read the word of God. This is the time to strengthen our brothers and sisters in the community and abroad. This is the time to show love.

James 1:2-4 lets us know it is time to count it all joy when we face these trials and allow patience to work through us so that we strive for perfection. When we are perfected we are being matured through our experience, gaining wisdom. We learn how to deal with others even in hostile situations. We learn humility, we learn compassion, we gain understanding of others’ struggle, we learn how to be more giving of ourselves.

This is the victory that we share in the midst of what is surrounding us. We have victory in Jesus.

In the midst of unlikely situations, guard your heart. In Genesis, chapers 37 to 40, Joseph faced many hardships. He had a lot of potential, knowledge, wisdom and business skills. He interpreted dreams and was a dreamer himself. In our society today Joseph would have most likely held a government position.

Joseph was a governor in his time, but it did not come without a price. Joseph had the victory because he maintained his integrity, character, speech and actions throughout all he went through.

This is the time to self-evaluate. Joseph endured the hatred, envy, being put in a pit by his brothers, slavery and prison. This is the turmoil that Joseph faced, but it placed him in a victorious position later in life.

Will you take on the example that was set by Joseph and endure your circumstances? Joseph helped people the most when he was going through the most.

Joseph and Jesus had a lot in common they showed love. Show love through your words and actions. Walk in victory today.

Frazier is the pastor of Rivers of Living Waters Outreach Ministries and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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