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Use your gifts to help the church, glorify God
pastor corner

On Sunday evenings in recent weeks, I have been teaching on the topic of spiritual gifts at my church. I believe it is one of the most important topics facing the church today.
There is no limit to what God could do through and in a church where every member discovered and used the gifts given to them. Unfortunately, too many Christians do not use their gifts. Many are not even aware of the gifts they have.
Over and over, the New Testament makes it clear that every Christian has at least one spiritual gift. In 1 Corinthians 12:7, Paul writes, “To each is given…” First Peter 4:1 says, “As each has received a gift…” And Romans 12:6 declares, “Having gifts…” In each case it is implied, taken for granted even, that every member of the church is gifted in some way.
If you are a Christian, this would include you.
Do you know what your gift is (or gifts are)? As I have read the New Testament, I have become more convinced that, for the most part, gifts fall into two broad categories. I see this most clearly in 1 Peter 4:11. Peter spoke of speaking gifts and serving gifts. Speaking gifts are more public; they are seen by most everyone. Serving gifts are more private; they are more in the background.
But this must be said: All gifts are needed for the church to reach its fullest potential. We need people who speak, sing and teach. We also need those who quietly serve and minister to those in need. And here is great news concerning the gifts: In most instances, God gives you gifts that fit your unique personality. In other words, the gift you have makes sense to you. You are happy and fulfilled as you use it for God’s glory and the benefit of the church.
Have you discovered your spiritual gift? Do you know how you should be serving the Lord in his church? I am confident that you will be most fulfilled and satisfied as you discover and use your gift to minister in the church.
What are you most passionate about? As my mom used to say, “What floats your boat?” Often, it is that passion that God will bless so that you can minister in his name.
Do you want to see your church be all that God wants it to be? One step you can take is to find and use your gift or gifts within the church. You can make your church stronger and better. Your church needs you to do this.
God bless you as you use your gift for his glory and the good of his church.

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