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Use your gifts for the glory of God
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In last week’s article, I wrote about how I started taking piano lessons when I was younger. 
I’m not going to revisit that conversation, but I do want to talk a bit about playing the piano, and then relate that to how the church works.  Hang with me and I’ll try to help you see the connection.
As I mentioned last week, I still play the piano from time to time.  I’m not nearly as gifted as many. Our church’s pianist, Edward, is light years ahead of me. So is my younger sister.  At least with her I can try and claim that I taught her a little of what she knows.  But I cannot play as well as she can … not by a long shot.
How does one play the piano?  Your eyes look at a group of dots and lines and circles on a piece of paper, and your brain translates those symbols into musical notes. Then your brain tells your fingers what to do, and they begin to move up and down the keyboard.  When your eyes, your brain and your fingers work together, you make music.  If your eyes see the wrong notes, or your brain translates incorrectly, or your fingers slip, that music is not so nice.  All of those elements must work together to play music well.
In his first letter to the church at Corinth, Paul spoke about something similar to that.  He told how every member of the church has a task to do and how each one is of great importance.  The different members must work together to accomplish what God intends for them to do.  If the various church members fight against each other, they will never accomplish God’s purposes. 
Every church member has a gift that God has given.  God wants you to know what your gift is and how to use it. And then he desires that you cooperate with fellow believers to make your church all that he intends for it to be. 
Do you know what your spiritual gift is? Have you ever tried to find out?  If you are a Christian, you will never convince me that you do not have a gift. You may not know it, and you may not use it, but you have one. You need to discover and use your gift for God’s glory and the good of your church. 
Just think what would happen in your church if you and every other member in the church chose to use your gifts together for the good of the church and the glory of God.  What a marvelous thing that would be.  The church would be blessed, and God would be honored. And even your community would be impacted. 
I pray that you will seek to know and use your spiritual gift for the Lord. Pray that others in your church will do the same.  As we do, we can change the world for God’s glory.

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