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Two of the most-edited Wikipedia pages are about faith
For its 15th birthday, Wikipedia released a list of its most edited pages ever, which includes two pages about faith. - photo by Herb Scribner
Wikipedia is getting wicked old.

Today marks the 15-year anniversary of the online free encyclopedia. And for its 15th birthday, Wikipedia celebrated in style by sharing a list of its most-edited articles since it started back in 2001.

After getting the data for each year, we wondered what the most-edited articles on the English-language Wikipedia for all 15 of its years. It turns out that its a controversial president who served for eight years, followed by wrestlers, Wikipedia explained.

Topping the chart was President George W. Bush, followed by the list of professional wrestlers who compete in the WWE.

But two of the 15 most-edited articles of all time are about faith specifically the Catholic Church and Jesus pages.

As Wikipedia shared in its blog post, the Catholic Church page has been edited 26,421 times since the beginning of the website. Jesus has been edited 25,084 times, which is about 400 more than President Barack Obamas page.

It makes sense in a way that these two pages received heavy editing. The Catholic Church, after all, has had three different popes since Wikipedias birth, and it was embroiled in a sexual assault controversy, which serves as a plot point in the Oscar-nominated Spotlight.

Jesus, meanwhile, is one of the worlds most influential historical figures. Recent documentaries on Jesus life and influence may have also shaped these pages. Theres also been some scientific findings in recent years about Jesus, like his alleged home, that may have required some edits, too.

These arent the only faith-based pages to receive some editing from users since the site started. Back in the first year of the website, Creationism, the religious belief that the universe began as a result of divine intervention, was the most-edited page.
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