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Transforming your life isn't meant to be easy
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A group in our church recently finished a course on money management. We watched video clips of Dave Ramsey, read his book, and completed homework assignments each week.
There were close to 50 of us who started the course. Most of us made it to the end.
I have talked to a number of people who have taken the course, Financial Peace University, and I have yet to meet one who wished they had not done so. It is truly transforming to realize that you can get a handle on your finances, that you can live within your means, that you don’t have to keep up with the neighbors, and that it is possible to live in peace, even in financially turbulent times. I know that my wife and I are not to the point we want to be yet, but we are on our way. We started later than we should have.
But we are going to make it.
One of Dave Ramsey’s emphases is simply this. There is no easy way out of debt.
There are no quick-fix solutions. It requires work, dedication, commitment and endurance to become financially secure.
Anyone who tells you he has an easy short-term plan is not being truthful. Life is simply not that easy.
And that is true about all of life. Life is not easy. It was not meant to be easy. And yet God has promised to be with us at all times.
Still, He has made it clear to us that He expects us to work hard to be the people He wants us to be.
Jesus said, “He who endures to the end will be saved.”
This does not mean that you have to do something to earn your salvation, for that is a gift from God. But endurance, or perseverance, is clear proof that you do have salvation.
Let me ask you a question. Are you living your life with endurance?
That is not an easy thing to do. It’s easier to give up. It’s easier to quit. But God would have us “keep on keeping on.”
And here’s the best news of all. He will be with us through all of these times.
Do you trust Him? Will you keep going?
He will not forsake you.

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