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Thoughts on an unsuccessful try
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The other day I went to the hospital to see a couple of parishioners. Before I went in I attempted to eat some hamburgers I had picked up at a drive through, from which some grease dripped down on my shirt which I first thought was water.

When I noticed it hadn’t dried, I entered the hospital and went directly to the restroom where I attempted to wash the spot away with soap and water. I ended up with a big wet spot on the front of my shirt and the grease spot was still there. Because I didn’t want to enter the hospital room that way I ended up going outside to allow the air to mostly dry the wetness but I still had the small grease stain.

This failed attempt to remove this stain reminded me of another menace that people try desperately to remove; that problem of sin in their lives and it’s consequences.

The Bible says that we are all born with sin and that there is no one who can say that they have never sinned. People try all kinds of things to take care of this problem; some even deny that it exists. Some try good works, thinking that they can earn forgiveness and salvation. Some try to give more, thinking they can buy their way in, while others try to affiliate themselves with some religious organization thinking that membership with such organization will automatically mean membership in the true family of God. Some think that being part of a religious family automatically makes them part of God’s family.

The truth of the matter is that there is nothing we can do on our own that will take care of this sin problem, but the first thing we need to do is to admit we have one.

Then we need to understand that the scriptures tell us that there is only one way to get forgiveness and that is through Jesus Christ. He died on the cross to meet the sacrificial demands of a holy God for the forgiveness of sin and by asking forgiveness in His name we receive complete forgiveness for all of our past sins and truly become part of God’s family. If you need to know more information on how you can experience this forgiveness no matter what you have done feel free to call me at 308-7635.


- by Steve Lane


New Beginnings Community Church

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