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This senior prom is not what you expect; its better
This "senior" prom was put on by high school students, but the seniors attending are not who you'd think they'd be. - photo by Tiffany Fletcher
Most senior proms are dances filled with high school students nearing the end of their high school career and preparing for better days ahead. But that is not the kind of senior prom that high school students from Terra Environment Research Institute had in mind when they planned their dance party.

The prom was not held at a high school and the seniors were not students.

The prom was held at The Palace Nursing and Rehab Center and included the 75 residents that call the center home. The seniors were not high school students but instead ranged in age from 80 to 101 years old.

Rather than just beginning their life experience, the seniors in this prom brought to the party a wealth of knowledge and experience they had gained though a lifetime of joy and pain.

It was a celebration of both young and old coming together to lift and support each other.

When planning their prom, the students wanted to do something that honored the elderly and so came about this very special "senior" prom.

The evening was filled with good food, beautiful flowers, lots of friends, upbeat music and dancing, and special portraits to help the seniors remember their special evening.

Of course, a senior prom would not be complete without a king and queen. While there were two queens who won the popular vote, just one caught the eye of the king who spent most of the evening holding her hand.

According to Debbie Horvitz, the nursing homes activities director, it was an incredible experience for the residents and everyone had a great time.

The oldest senior who attended the event was 101 years old and still had a picture from her original senior prom in her possession. Thanks to these high school students, she has a new prom picture to proudly display by its side.

Todays youth are not who we think they are. They are kind; they are giving; and they are filled with goodness. As we recognize and celebrate those youth who are making a positive difference in the world, we show the world just how remarkable our rising generation can be. We give them examples of how they can lift and bless those around them through small and simple means.

These high school students could have spent their time focusing on what they wanted from their senior prom and what they could get out of it. But, instead, they stepped outside of themselves and made it about what they could do for others.

By looking at life through a different perspective, these youth were able to create a senior prom for senior citizens. And, in doing so, they showed their new senior friends love and respect.

The principal of the high school said the idea was one that came directly from the hearts of her students and was a wonderful way to show respect for the elderly. It was the students who came up with the idea. For both the high school and nursing home seniors, a gift from the heart is what made the night memorable.
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