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There is safety inside God's boundaries
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The Scriptures, along with the promises of God, teach us about certain boundaries which God has set up for those who choose to follow him and can be classified as moral, ethical or financial in nature.
The truth is that the Lord doesn’t put up these fences — as some call them — to make our lives miserable; they are erected for our own good. When we put up barriers or fences for our children or animals, it usually is because we want to keep them safe from harm. When we tell children  not to play in the road, it isn’t because we want to be mean and controlling, but because we love them and know the consequences that may lie ahead.
Let’s look at the example of stealing as found in Exodus 20:15 and Romans 13:9. If a person begins taking what is not theirs to take, then they could miss out on learning the joys of hard work and reaping the fruit of their labor. Another consequence is that eventually they will get caught and possibly spend time in prison. There also is that chance that a worse consequence happens, which is that they might get shot and killed in the midst of their crime.
Boundaries can include things that you need to do as well as things not to do. The truth is that when we choose to stay within those boundaries, we can experience the blessings and favor of God. But when we step outside those boundaries, we forfeit those blessings and favor.  When we pray for the Lord to help us in a particular matter and deliberately are walking outside those boundaries, we in effect tie God’s hands by our disobedience.
Today, determine to live inside God’s boundaries and experience safety, security and blessing.

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