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There is no cloning of the human soul
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I saw again the other day on the Internet that the subject of cloning came up again; I guess it will never die until the world ends.

The article was dealing with some of the benefits that cloning presents. The supporters say it could lead to a perfect breed of livestock; free of diseases and deformities.

Then there is the issue of human cloning where it’s advocates say that we could come up with children who look like we want them to.

If a family loses a child by early death, they could reproduce another child who looks exactly like the child they lost. We could end up with people who suffer from less disease and a lesser chance of deformities.

In other words we could choose who our children are at least on the outside. By the way, I am not speaking as an advocate of cloning.

This topic made me think about what human cloning promises about who people would be on the inside, in other words their spiritual lives, and the answer is - nothing.

Even if a person had all the features and genes of someone else they still are responsible for making their own decision on what they will do with Jesus; either accept him or reject him.

In other words there is no cloning of the soul. Every person ever born into this world has the choice of which God they will serve and the Bible says that there is only one choice that will get us to heaven; finding God through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus himself said, "No one comes to the Father accept through me." The big question to you personally is, what choice have you made?

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