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The most important day of the year
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Tomorrow, in churches all around the world, Christians will celebrate the most important day of the year. We will celebrate Easter. We will celebrate Resurrection Sunday! We will sing songs, and read Scripture, and pray, and give honor to the One who was raised from the dead some 2000 years ago.
Probably if you are reading this article you are a believer. For the most part, skeptics probably aren’t interested in the ramblings of some random preacher. But I know that there may be some who will read, and I also know that some believers struggle with significant doubts. We all know Easter is important to our faith, but it is hard to believe that someone who was dead could now be alive. How could that happen? And can we really be confident that the events described in the New Testament took place?
Let’s consider a couple of thoughts. First of all, sometimes a skeptic will make a statement like this. “You know, in our scientific age we just cannot accept ideas like resurrection. The pre-scientific people of the first century simply did not know better.” But think about it. It is true that we have more scientific knowledge than was available in the first century. But really now, even in that day they knew that dead people didn’t wake up. This was not an everyday occurrence. You don’t have to be a scientist to know this.
And yet the first disciples’ lives were radically changed by the belief that Jesus was alive. The tomb was empty. They encountered the Lord. They listened to Him and received both instructions and encouragement from Him. And their lives were changed in radical ways. Many of them gave their lives because of their faith. They truly believed that Jesus had been raised from the dead, and their lives reflected that belief.
I guess my point is this. You, too, can be confident in the resurrection of Jesus. It is not some fable concocted by dishonest followers of Jesus. Rather they were skeptics, too. Thomas was the only one willing to say it out loud, but all of them would likely have said, “Unless I see…I will not believe.” The good news is that they did see Him. And they have reported it to us. Jesus is alive! That is the good news of the gospel. He is alive! And because He is alive, we can live forever.
Happy Easter. I encourage you to worship the risen Savior. Celebrate Him. Love Him. Serve Him. There is no better way to live your life.

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