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The Lord has a plan, purpose for all stages of life
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There can be no denying this one fact: I’m getting older.  If the mirror doesn’t remind me, there are always those feeble attempts at running. I feel like Fred Flinstone’s car.  In my mind things are moving, but I’m getting nowhere. There was the time when I could run all day long, barely breathing hard. But that day is long gone.
A couple of weeks ago I had a gentle reminder of my aging. My “baby” (please don’t tell him I called him that) turned 21 years old. And today my oldest will be a married man.
Where did the years go? It only seems a short time ago I was making jump shots for Dacula High. Not long after that I was graduating from college.  Soon after that I became a pastor. Along the way Tina and I were married. And then the boys came along. And now they are on their way out of our home to make their own way in the world.  
I will never forget the day my oldest came home. On the ride to the house he said, “I love you, Daddy.” He really did! Quite the child prodigy. Well, maybe not that. But this is not a preacher story. He really called me Daddy on the ride home for the very first time.
Oh wait. Did I forget to mention that he was 2 1/2 years old? You see, we adopted him. The first time my wife and I saw James he was eating a Big Mac. Really!   Later that afternoon we visited Toys ‘R Us and brought home a Big Wheel and a plastic ball and bat. And today, if I can hold up, I will pronounce him and Sarah “husband and wife.”  
Ah, the seasons of life. We are young.  We grow and live and learn and laugh. And before we know it we look around and see that most of the people around us are younger than we are. They say I am middle aged. That seems rather optimistic, given the fact that I am 50. But as we approach these milestones in life we certainly take the time to reflect.
Has my life been well-lived? Am I fulfilling my God-given purpose here on this earth? Am I the man God created me to be? There will be a day when those answers will become quite clear. But in the meantime it is my desire to seek to please the One who gave me life. No matter the stage of life, God has a plan and a purpose for you and me. Are you seeking to live for Him? I pray that you will find your purpose and your pleasure in Him. There can be no greater calling. 
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