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The assurance of heaven available, free
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I have lived in the Richmond Hill area for over 6 years and this year for the first time I have purchased flood insurance. I am convinced that we are living on borrowed time and that one year our area will be struck by a hurricane. It may be after I’m dead and gone or it may be this year. After reading about all the problems the home owners had who didn’t have flood insurance in New Orleans, I finally made the plunge. I am now fully covered if my home is destroyed by wind or high water and if or when a hurricane approaches I have that weight of worry removed.

There is a correlation between being ready for a hurricane and being ready spiritually speaking, if we should die. In spiritual terms we don’t call it insurance but assurance. In other words if our time comes to leave this world we can have a guarantee that assures us that we will end up in the place called heaven and escape the place of awful torment called hell.

There is a big difference however in the way we obtain the insurance for a house and the assurance for the soul. For example, I called my insurance agent and paid a premium to get my flood insurance but when it came to obtaining assurance of heaven, Christ paid the price by giving His life on a cross. All I had to do was to make the decision to accept the free gift and follow Him. The Bible tells us that Christ is the only way to get prepared to meet our maker.

If you don’t have flood insurance on your home you might want to consider doing so, but if a hurricane comes to this area and you evacuate the most you can lose is your home. If you don’t have the assurance of heaven brought about by faith in Christ, you must consider it because without it you will suffer and be lost for eternity. The good news is that it is available to everyone and is free.

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