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Thank the Lord for mothers
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Sunday was Mother’s Day. If you had forgotten that, I hope you are reading this early enough in the day to get to the store quickly.
Are you aware that Mother’s Day was first observed in West Virginia? Today, of course, it is observed all over. We take this one day out of the year to acknowledge the influence and impact that mothers have made in the lives of their children. We take the time to thank them. And we take the time to remember those who are no longer with us.
I know that not every family is ideal. I know that not every mother is perfect. In fact, none of them are. And yet the Bible says that we are to honor our mothers. That means that we give respect to them. We recognize their rightful place in our lives.
I was very blessed to have a godly mother. Mom made mistakes along the way, but she was a powerful influence in my life. She sang hymns and gospel songs all the time, placing in my heart a love for Christian music.  In fact, I still find myself singing the alto part in many songs, having learned to harmonize from her.
She encouraged me to read by taking me to library every week. I still have a great love for books. She even threw batting practice to me. She was quite the athlete, having played for a state champion in basketball in high school.
I miss her terribly. I wish so much that I could dial the phone and hear her voice on the other line. But of course, that will not happen.
But I will tell you this: I will see her again one day. I am confident that she has already inherited eternal life from her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and he has promised me the same thing. The day will come when we will be reunited.
There is still a hole in my heart and an empty place in my soul that she left behind. But she instilled within me the hope in the resurrection. And I eagerly await the day when I will share in that promise with the Lord.
If your mom is still with you, make sure to take the time to tell her tomorrow that you love her. If you are a mom, keep in mind the powerful impact that you have – and will continue to have – on the lives of your children. And in either case, remember that it is Easter that gives us the true hope for the future and all of eternity.
God is faithful and he will keep his promises to us. May God richly bless you in all you do as you seek to serve him each day.

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