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Testimony to true miracles
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I have an uncle who lived in Indiana and passed away this week. The last couple of years of his journey have been a testimony to God’s faithfulness and healing power.
Late in the winter of 2009, I received a phone call from my sister that the family had to take my uncle Tom to the emergency room.
He previously had been diagnosed with cancer and had taken chemotherapy to treat it. The treatment severely damaged his heart.
As the next few days went by, things began to get worse. His body became weaker and his organs began to fail. He also required forced oxygen.
Then the family was called in to receive news that he would not make it through the night. Much prayer went out on his behalf, but even I began to make plans to go up for the funeral.
By the following morning, I hadn’t heard from my sister. Around 9 a.m., I called her to find out what hour my uncle had passed.
The news she reported to me was surprising as well as exciting – my uncle was awake and eating breakfast.
He went from someone ready to enter his heavenly home to someone wanting to go back to his earthly home. He testified that the Lord spoke to him during the night and assured him of added time on this earth.
After being tested at the hospital, he was told that he still was operating on 10 percent of his heart and there still was the cancer issue.
When I asked about my uncle’s progress in the summer of 2009, my aunt said the doctor stated that it was just a matter of time before either the cancer or the weak heart would end his life.
As prayer continued to be made for him and his faith unwavering, he went to have his heart checked. The report concluded that his heart was fully operating — another miracle had taken place.
He then went to have the cancer issue checked out; he had had to quit the chemotherapy because of its damaging effect.
The doctor wanted to know how much the cancer had spread and see if there was some way to treat it, possibly with radiation in some areas.
Praise the Lord, for when the tests came back, he was cancer free. Yet another miracle God had performed in his life.
Uncle Tom had enjoyed being back in his own home for quite a while, but because he was old, 83, he fell a few times and ended up breaking some bones. Even after recovery, he had problems walking.
In his final few weeks, all he could do was lie in bed. This time, all he wanted to do was to go to his eternal home.
The Lord granted him this wish, but he left with a testimony that most of humanity never will experience. God has been faithful to him throughout his life, but he also is faithful in keeping his promise of eternal life.

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