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Take pride in sharing your faith
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

I suppose it is technically spring, but it seems as if the weather has been rather strange in the last couple of weeks. Warm, cold, warm again – and that’s just in the afternoon.

I know. I’ve heard the old adage. "Don’t like the weather? Wait for the afternoon."

But I planted my garden a couple of weeks back, and I’m anxious for it to grow. I so look forward to the first tomatoes and squash of the year, along with peppers and beans and cucumbers.

I do enjoy the fresh taste from the produce that springs from my own land.

I’ve watched in wonder again just this week as small bean plants have poked their heads out of the ground.

It remains a mystery to me how one small bean is planted in the ground, and within a few months you can harvest enough to eat, and even enough to share or put up for the rest of the year.

From one seed comes the harvest for the future.

The same kind of harvest can be anticipated from the Christian life. God says we are to produce things like love, gentleness, kindness, etc.

And he also expects that Christians and churches will produce more followers of Jesus.

The idea of sharing your faith with others has fallen on hard times. If your faith helps you, that is fine, but "keep it to yourself" is the prevailing opinion of the culture at large. And many Christians have accepted that as the norm.

But Jesus has commissioned his church and his followers to tell the good news of his life, death and resurrection and how he can change our lives both for now and all of eternity.

You have a divine appointment for tomorrow with someone who needs your witness. I pray that you will be wise enough to see it – and bold enough to act upon it.

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