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Take limits off God to improve life
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

In today’s society, we have been inclined to live a life of limits that are beneath God’s calling.
Many things that God has put in place for us to have and experience have been left on the table of “I don’t think so.” We have placed limits on ourselves and allowed others to do so as well. In fact, a lot of pressure many are feeling is not limitations created by themselves, but from that of others. It’s not that they are not skilled or lack knowledge — it is that they have been repeatedly told what their limits should be.
What many don’t realize is that others place limits on them because they, too, have been limited. A person who always thinks and believes out of the box always will be challenged and discouraged by those who have limited themselves to the box. They will not allow faith to take control because they always are focusing on what they see.
The fact that Jesus rose up is enough to believe that we can do all things through Christ that gives us power. Some believe that Jesus has the power to heal, but not to deliver. Some believe Jesus can walk on water, but not fix a problem. The power He has given is available to heal, deliver, set free, establish a business, manage a family, complete a career and anything that we set our hearts out to accomplish. Jesus came so that we may subdue and conquer. It is a part of the nature of the believer to produce on every level. Why limit Him to a few things when He has the power to do all things?
When we read the history of the Israelites, we find that their spirit continues to live. The Israelites complained and grumbled about God’s capability. Psalm 78:19 shows us just how challenging the Israelites were with God. They were in the wilderness and tempted God in their hearts by asking meat for their lust. They spoke against God. They asked, “Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?”
These were the people whom God had supernaturally taken care of since their departure from Egypt. Then, they challenged God’s ability to come through for them. In fact, they were challenging God’s omnipotence.
We are approaching the holidays, and many may place limits on God’s ability to provide. It is as if they believe his ability to provide is weakened during the holidays. I encourage you and provide you an answer to the question that the Israelites asked concerning God. Yes, he can furnish a table in your wilderness.  
However, your lack of belief in his ability to move on your behalf can interfere with results. For centuries and generations, He has been known for doing extraordinary and remarkable things for those who will believe. We must come to the resolve that He is available to meet our needs. What may look impossible to man is not impossible to God.
Therefore, let’s not live our lives thinking and challenging God by putting limitations on Him. He is bigger than any limit you can create. He is God!

Frasier Jr. is the pastor of New Dimension Christian Fellowship and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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