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Support youth in their education
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It’s that time of the year. Vacation is over, and it’s time to return to school.
The time has come when it is early to bed and early to rise. It may not feel like a new school year has arrived because it seems like only yesterday when children just got out of school. Nevertheless, the short summer vacation is over.
On Thursday, Aug. 4, students in the Liberty County School System will return to school for the 2011-12 school year. While some may anticipate returning, some students prefer to extend their vacation.
As the youth of this county return to school, they will need support. In a world filled with uncertainty and anxiety, young people easily can feel overwhelmed. Because some are transitioning from elementary to middle school, or middle to high school, they may undergo some unwanted stress. There also are students who will be new to the school system.
Sometimes adults don’t realize children are affected by all the things that are going on around them. They may appear to be in their own little world, but children listen and know what is going on.
It could be something as minor as an addition to the family or something as traumatic as a loss in the family. Other factors such as financial instability, unfounded rumors, bullying and personal insecurities can affect children adversely. These things can have harmful effects on their study habits and grades.
Each school year presents different challenges. Our young people deserve our support and understanding. These future leaders of America should be pushed and encouraged every step of the way.
Adults should assist in making learning experiences positive and joyful. Attending school should be something students look forward to.
We must remember that they need guidance, love, assistance and prayers. Whether or not you have a child in the school system, we all have a responsibility to help our children.
Many churches and organizations in the community have reached out to help our youth. They have assisted them with school supplies and provided motivational talks and guidance.
If your church has not extended a helping hand, it is not too late. There are children whose parents or guardians are experiencing financial difficulties. Your church’s assistance may be just the help children need to brighten their return to school.
Let us do our share in making this school term one of the best ever in Liberty County. As they prepare themselves emotionally and mentally for another school term, let us do all we can to ensure their educational experiences are memorable.
Pray for their safety and well-being at school. Pray for all those who have something to do with their well-being and educational development — parents, grandparents, bus drivers, teachers, administrators and school staff. Moreover, pray for the members of the Liberty County Board of Education so it makes wise decisions concerning our children.
Let us rally around our youth so they can become good citizens who give back and protect their communities.

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