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Some beauty is well worth the wait
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There are not too many things more beautiful than the colors of spring – anything from flowering trees to flowering bushes to flowering plants. My favorite is the azaleas, which are about in full bloom.
Speaking of beauty, I saw on the Internet the other day a house for sale in Colorado with the most fantastic views on every side. I would liked to have purchased it for my wife, but am having problems coming up with the more than $2 million it will probably take at auction.
All kidding aside, there are a lot of beautiful things and places on this earth – some we can enjoy and others we can just dream about.
As I was thinking of the things I may never get to enjoy, I was reminded that the Bible tells me that the best this world has to offer cannot be compared to what our Lord has prepared for me. Jesus talked about mansions and John talked about streets of gold. If I could afford everything that my heart desired on this earth, it would not compare to what can be mine for all of eternity.
The bad news is that everyone will not be able to enjoy what God has prepared. But the good news is that anyone who wishes to obey him through receiving the forgiveness of sins through his Son Jesus Christ can receive beauty beyond our expectation.

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