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Sitting on this bench will change your perspective
Have you ever been lonely? Take a lesson from these kids on how to love and be loved. - photo by Tiffany Fletcher
Children naturally look for ways to help others and a buddy bench is the perfect way for them to do some good for their peers.

The concept is simple: if you are sad and need a friend, take a seat on a buddy bench and within minutes you will be invited to play by whichever child sees you first.

In a world where judgment and selfishness seem to take center stage, these children are showing the world just how easy it is to include others and combat loneliness and bullying.

The purpose of the bench is to help children who find themselves alone or lonely to quickly find friends without having to approach a large group of children that may seem intimidating to them.

Many of us understand how, when were feeling sad and lonely, it is difficult to find the courage to step out of our comfort zones and make friends. It is no different for our children. A buddy bench makes it possible for children to ask for help without saying anything at all.

It makes making friends easy and gives children the tool they need to find friends when otherwise they would not have the courage to do.

"You can find friends easily when youre lonely and you dont have any, like, anyone to play with at recess," one girl said on a video describing the bench.

One boy said that before the benches were installed, he saw people walking around alone. Now, "I [see] a lot more people with friends to play with."

Not only does a buddy bench raise the self-esteem of those who sit on it when they are invited to play, but also it is a valuable way to teach children how to look out for and serve one another.

Everyone at times can find themselves in a lonely place. Imagine how beautiful it would be if we as adults had a buddy bench to sit on during our times of need.

This story teaches us to look for those figurative buddy benches and reach out to those who frequent them.

The children in this video teach us how simple it is to make a difference in the life of another simply by taking their hand and inviting them to be a part of your day.

My challenge to you, Reader, is to find someone who could use your help and help them through a simple act of kindness. A kind letter, a thoughtful text or a simple plate of cookies could make a world of difference for someone struggling with loneliness. We can all do much good with a single act of kindness and love.

And, if you are sitting on a figurative buddy bench, reach out your hand and try to make friends. There is a whole wide world filled with people who need your friendship. It will require courage to take the first step, but that one step could lead to a lifelong friend.

Lets follow in our childrens footsteps and create a system where no one has to be lonely.
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