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Share your burdens with the Lord
pastor corner

They are having snow up north.
I used to live up there. I have to make a confession to you: I do not miss the snow at all. As a little boy, I loved snow because in North Georgia, that meant that school would be canceled and I would get to play in it all day.  
That changed for me in 1991. We moved to Indiana, where we would stay until 1998, when we moved even further north to Michigan until 2005. More than once during this time, we saw it snow in November and then did not see the grass on our yards again until spring. It was extremely rare that schools or businesses were closed due to the weather. You had to adapt, because life went forward no matter how much snow there was.
I have to admit that was not an easy thing for me. Adapting meant learning to drive in the snow. It also meant shoveling and blowing the snow off of the driveway and sidewalks surrounding our home. And it meant dressing in a way that I had never had to dress before.
There were days when I did not want to do it. But when I complained, the natives just shrugged their shoulders. For many, it was all they ever had known.  
I’ve told this story before, but we held a yard sale three weeks before we moved to South Georgia. My snowblower sold for $50. The guy who bought it misunderstood my sign. I had planned to pay $50 to anyone who would take it away, but I gladly took his money.  
It is funny the different things that can knock you for a loop. For me, it was the cold weather and snow. In 14 years, I never really grew accustomed to it. I do not complain about hot weather; I very much prefer August here to February there.  
But there still are things that distract me from living life to the fullest. It can be something that a friend or family member says or does.
It can be an unexpected bill. It can the onset of the flu season. But whatever it is, I need to learn that God wants to help me to bear my burdens. In fact, the Bible says we are to “cast our cares on him.” And then we are told why we can do that — because, “He cares for you.”
How about that? The God of all creation cares for you. What good news that is!
I hope that good news will help you go forward with the rest of your day and week.
You don’t have to bear your burdens alone. God is with you.

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