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See more than a baby in a manger
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This time of year we celebrate the birth of Christ, but who is this one that was born in a manger over 2000 years ago? The Bible says that this child is the Son of God; for the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary bringing about the conception. This is a great mystery but Christ was both God and man. While he was on this earth He was an example to those who watched His life and is our example as we read about that life. He also was a great teacher, instructing people how to live a life pleasing to God the Father. We have that teaching written down primarily in the 4 gospels of the New Testament. The main reason He was born was to die; as a sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. He spilt His blood on the cross so that we could have the forgiveness of sins and life eternal. When we choose to be a follower of Jesus Christ our lives are changed and we become part of the family of God. After His death, Christ was raised from the dead and went to sit at the right side of the Father where the scripture says He is interceding for His followers. He is our representative to God the Father. When we pray in Jesus’ name, He takes our requests to the Father and if we sin we can ask forgiveness and Christ pleads our case before the Father so that we can receive forgiveness. The Bible also says that this Christ will come back to earth again in what is known as the second coming of Christ. This is when Christ will come back for His church and with them will reign as king.

I hope that this time of year when you see so many manger scenes out there that you will see more than a baby lying in a manger but will understand why Christ came to earth. He came because He loved you and wants to be your Savior and friend. All you have to do is accept Him and choose to be His follower.

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- By Steve Lane

Pastor, New Beginnings Community Church

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