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Searching for a cure through Christ
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More than a year ago, I started to have a small rash on my neck and treated it with a cream prescribed by my doctor. It helped some, but over time the rash has come up on other parts of my body, especially on my face.

My doctor sent off a biopsy and found out that the rash was some type of dermatitis allergy, so he took blood and had it tested to eliminate some types of allergies. This came back negative, so he sent me to a dermatologist, who did several types of tests and finally determined exactly what ingredient was causing the allergic reaction.

Like a lot of illnesses or ailments, a cure may be available, but the exact problem has to be identified before the cure can be effective.
When it comes to our spiritual needs, sometimes the same is true. There are cures for mankind's need for forgiveness and a broken relationship with our heavenly father. God really does love us, and he wants us to spend eternity with him, but there is one main thing that separates us from him: sin. The Bible tells us that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” This same Bible tells us that if we will admit that we are guilty and ask for forgiveness, then God is faithful to forgive us.

The problem is that many don't recognize this as their problem and refuse to do what's necessary to remedy it. Some think that doing more good works is the key; others believe that if performing some ritual will do the trick. The Bible makes it very clear that there is only one cure: forgiveness made available through Christ.

The good news is that the cure is available for everyone.

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