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Salvation isn't always easy
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Several years ago I ran across a little gospel tract titled, “God’s simple plan of salvation.” It gave the simple truth that God loves his creation, and he made a way so mankind could get forgiveness for its sins and receive everlasting life.

It goes on to give several simple steps on what we need to do in order to receive this salvation. All this is true, that God doesn’t require a bunch of hurdles for us to find our route to heaven.

The steps to obtain it are simple, but the commitment on our part is not so easy. In a sense, it is a partnership, a relationship. Like any relationship, both parties have input and responsibilities.

The Bible says for us to receive salvation, we must first repent. Repentance means a person feels sorry for his or her sins, which leads to a decision to turn from their past sinful life toward a spirit-filled, God-directed life.

That decision to be willing to change isn’t always easy. It may mean severing other relationships that are in conflict with the Christian life. It will mean a change in one’s lifestyle. It may mean a change in our plans for our future – it is a different life.

The Scripture teaches us that to be follower of Christ, we must be willing to deny ourselves and be willing to suffer for Christ when necessary. Jesus said before a person decides to build, they should make sure they have enough money and material to finish the job.

He compared this to a person who decides to be a follower of Christ without counting the cost. The point I am making is that there are some who say a sinner’s prayer, get baptized, join a church and never understand there is a cost involved.

The good news is that when we look at the cost and put it up against the joy in serving Christ and look at what he has in store for us for eternity, there is really no comparison.

Making the right decisions are not always simple, but God provides the power to do so and the rewards are out of this world.

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