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Remember to honor those who sacrifice so much
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This week all around this country of ours, communities and organizations have paid honor to the many soldiers who have served our country in times past.
Many have sacrificed their lives and many others have suffered injuries that have drastically altered the way they live. Many of them enlisted on a voluntary basis because of their love for this country even though they understood the risks.
They left their homes and traveled to far away places in order to serve, which is still yet another form of sacrifice. These men and women deserve our honor and praise and the attention, lest we forget.
This all reminds me of the greatest example of sacrifice: A little over 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ came on the scene. Like our military, he left his home, which for him was his place at the right side of the throne in heaven with all its glory to live among humanity.
He volunteered knowing what sacrifice would be required and the suffering that he would have to endure. He was willing to give of his own life because of his love for humanity.
Like our veterans, he deserves our honor, praise and attention. We have times on the calendar to remember as well, like Christmas and Easter, lest we forget.

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