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Remember the meaning of Easter, 'Jesus is alive'
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It is the day before Easter. Think what it must have been like almost 2000 years ago on that day – before the first Easter.

Oh, I know it would not be called Easter for years to come. But go ahead and imagine it anyway.

The disciples (that includes the eleven remaining apostles as well as the women like Mary Magdalene and others) were distraught. Nothing Jesus had said had prepared them for the darkness of the day.

Just the day before they had watched as the One in whom they had put their trust was brutally killed. What pain it must have caused them! But it was more than merely the fact that a friend was dying. They had risked their lives for Him. They were counting on Him to change everything. And all of a sudden, He was gone. And following His death there was a series of events that cast a pall over everything. The sun was hidden and earthquakes hit. There was no reason for hope. All hope was gone. Jesus was dead.

Because we live post-Easter, we may never fully comprehend the gravity of that situation. We may never understand all of the emotions of the day before the first Easter. But we must realize that the pain and sorrow were immense. And once again I must remind you of this fact. All hope was gone.

On that next morning some of the women went to the tomb of Jesus to visit. I know what that is like. I have sat by grave of my mother and talked out loud. The tears usually flow (as they are even as I write) as I think of her love and of her wonderful alto voice that I no longer hear.

But here is where there is a difference. I admit that I do not understand all of the details, but I am convinced that I will one day be reunited with my mom. She is heaven with the Lord, and one day I will join them.

The women at the tomb that day did not realize that, at least not yet. They just knew that Jesus was gone. And they didn’t know what to do.

Jesus spoke to one of those women that day. It was only one word, but what a comfort it was to her! "Mary," he said gently, and in a moment she knew that He was alive. And everything changed on that day.

It is true. Jesus is alive.

And because of that, everything has changed. The Easter message is very simple. Jesus is alive. And because of that we can live forever. Make certain that you celebrate the resurrection tomorrow morning. And be sure that you have the life offered by the One who was raised so that we might live forever with Him.

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