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Remember Mom no matter what
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A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned a man by the name of Ludlow Porch.  Probably not many of you have heard of him, but he was a radio personality in Atlanta for many years.  He was full of wit and Southern charm and offered advice on many topics. Mostly, he was funny.  He told wonderful stories about a simpler time and a simpler place.  

Probably more of you have heard of Lewis Grizzard, a newspaper columnist and author of many books.  Grizzard also was a humorist.  What many do not know is that Ludlow and Lewis were stepbrothers.  Don’t you know there was laughter at that table on Thanksgiving Day?

Grizzard wrote many books with wonderful titles like “Elvis is Dead and I Don’t Feel So Good Myself,” “Chili Dawgs Always Bark at Night” and my all-time favorite book title, “Don’t Bend over in the Garden, Granny — You Know Them Taters Have Eyes.”  

Grizzard also wrote a book with a most appropriate title for this weekend: “Don’t Forget To Call Your Momma; I Wish I Could Call Mine.”  You do realize that Sunday is Mother’s Day.  I know that we live in a time when many homes are dysfunctional, others are broken beyond repair and there are children who cannot recall a single loving thing that their mothers ever said to them. But for most of us, when no one else would give us the time of day, we could count on our moms.

It’s been seven years since my mom passed away, and there still are those days when her memory floods my very being.  I am who I am, in many ways, because of her strong influence.  I have to admit that I felt that influence on “the back of my front” on many occasions.  But Mom did much more than discipline me. She threw batting practice, took me to the library, made sure my homework was done and fed me like I was a king (on a limited budget, for sure).  I miss her very badly.  I can’t call her Sunday.  But I will think of her.  Many of you will do the same.

Many of you will either call or visit with your mom tomorrow. Good for you. Enjoy every minute of it. But some of you do not have the same good memories that I have. The thought of speaking with your mother is painful.  Can I encourage you to seek to forgive your mom if that is something you need to do? Reach out to her in love.  There is risk involved in doing so.  But the Bible encourages — actually, commands — us to honor our parents.  

You might have to begin by praying for your mom and yourself.  Reaching out might be the hardest thing you will ever do. But there is that chance that you might mend fences that you thought were beyond repair.  Won’t you give it a try? There never has been a perfect mother.  But God has given us the family for our good.  I pray that your family will be stronger because you put him first in your life.  He will honor the family that honors him.

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