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Rain and spirituality
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In the last month or so we have received quite a bit of rainfall; raining almost every day this week alone. Not long ago it was reported that we were several inches below normal for the year and believe it or not some local areas still are a little behind. (Definitely not my area.) As I listen to others talk, it seems that they understand that we need rain but they only want it when it will be convenient to their schedule.

Some say, "If it rains this weekend it will ruin my plans." Others say, "If it rains during the week in the evenings it will ruin my child’s sports event."

Still others say, "If it rains during the week during the day it will ruin my fishing plans." If everyone had their way we would never receive any rain. When it doesn’t rain for a while and we go through a drought then complaints go up to our heavenly Father that we need some. I am human and I catch myself starting to complain when it rains out my plans and then I have to ask God to forgive me and I give Him thanks for the rain He gives us that we are so dependent on.

The sad thing is that folks treat spirituality the same way.

They want God’s involvement in their lives only when it is convenient; for some that is almost never.

Our plans call for us to be here or there, doing this or that, and if there is any time left, God gets our attention. In other words, our spiritual lives are last priority. Let trouble or tragedy strike and then all of a sudden God becomes important and spiritual issues become more of a priority. Sometimes I believe God allows troubles to come into our lives to get our attention.

The scripture tells us to seek God today. One of the reasons is that we may not have a tomorrow. Another reason is that the longer we wait the more possibility there is for us to get our lives into deeper messes. If you have a relationship with the Lord, thank Him today for His grace and love and for all His daily blessings.

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