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Perspective and God's plan
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My wife and I have been on vacation this week.

We drove up to the north Georgia mountains, spending a few days just outside of Helen. I have to admit something. I love that particular part of the world.

The Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina, and the somewhat smaller ones in north Georgia are absolutely beautiful places to visit.

One of the reasons I enjoy the mountains so much is that you are able to see for great distances when you are up that high.

The perspective is amazing. The views are stunning.

I find it particularly enjoyable to stand near the top of one of those mountains and look back where you have been traveling. When you are driving up one of those winding roads it can be difficult. You have to drive slowly, watch where you are going, and be cautious. You have to concentrate on where you are in that moment. But looking back you can see so much.

Perspective is much the same in life.

Sometimes we find ourselves so overwhelmed by the moment that we don’t really comprehend all that is taking place. We don’t accomplish all that we could or should, because we are just holding on.

It’s true that we should live, "one day at a time." It is important to "seize the day." And I suppose I could come up with three or four other clichés and catch phrases that would remind us that each moment matters.

But it is also important to have an overall perspective that sees the whole situation.

Sometimes we need to see the big picture, and then adjust. And we must understand that there will be times when life in the moment is just plain hard. We want to escape. We want to be spared the troubles and pains. But God allows us to go through many of these trials in order to prepare us for something else.

It’s a matter of trusting Him to know what is best for us.

Can I encourage you to trust the Lord, no matter the circumstances in your life?

I am not saying that it will be simple. I am not saying that your faith will not be tested. But keep in mind the big picture.

God has a plan for you. Keep going, and when you get to the top of the mountain, perhaps you will be better able to see what has happened.

One thing is for sure, God can be trusted, for He is always faithful.


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