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Our spiritual growth is like rain
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A couple of weeks ago we received about 5 inches of rain which was much needed during our recent days of drought conditions.

It didn’t take long for everything to dry up again and the need for moisture continues. What we really need is consistency with rain coming on a regular basis. If it comes in large quantity the ground cannot absorb all of it so it just runs off into the low places. If there is long intervals between rain, things seem to dry up and sometimes never recover.

Things that allow us to grow spiritually are like the rain. We grow primarily by taking in the Word of God and by prayer. In order to grow into a healthy Christian we need regular and consistent doses of each. If we try to "catch up" and take in large doses every once in a while, our souls cannot contain it all and much of it is lost with little effect. We tend to dry up spiritually if we are not fed on a consistent basis; if there are long periods between times of taking in what we need most. I think the old saying fits well here that says, " Seven days without prayer and the Word makes one weak."

We need to continue to pray for rain that is much needed and we need to ask God to help us to have a greater desire to grow spiritually through a consistent life.



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