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Our senses show a creative God
pastor corner

In the first chapter of the book of Romans, we are told that mankind is without excuse as it pertains to a belief in God since he can be seen in his creation.

It actually takes more faith to believe in a big bang theory than a creative God. It only makes sense that if you have a creation, it requires a creator.

Recently I was reminded of the awesome creative power of God through my senses, when I opened my office door to let some fresh air in. First I heard several different birds singing. I don’t know what they were singing about, but maybe they were just praising their creator. Then I caught a nice fragrance of fresh blooming flowers; it was what we could call the sweet smell of spring.

These things caused me to turn and look outside. It came to me that I was looking at part of God’s beautiful creation. The older I get, the more I notice the beautiful landscape around me, the Spanish moss hanging from the huge live oaks and the azaleas blooming in bunches. Being on the coast, I take in the islands and the tidal rivers and creeks.

I do believe that through creation the Lord is reaching out to humanity, reminding us that just as he is able to bring beauty through creation, he is able to transform our lives into something beautiful as well.

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