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On missed opportunities
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The other day I was driving down the road and happened to look to my right and noticed a clump of blooming flowers.

I had never seen anything like them before and they were beautiful. I was reared next to a retired school teacher who had acres of flowers and I worked for her every summer from the age of five till I was 16, so I learned to appreciate them.

I continued down the road I thought about the fact that there must be a lot of flowers that could grow here that I have not had or taken the opportunity to grow.

There are many that I will never even be able to view.

I know that if you look through a seed catalog there are pages upon pages of flowering trees, shrubs and plants. I also thought of other opportunities that I may have missed out on.

There are people that have passed on that I wish I would have had the opportunity to meet and some who are still alive who I may never be afforded that opportunity to meet.

There are places I would like to visit that I will never be able to see. There is so much to see here in the states let alone the entire world.

As I continued to dwell on these missed opportunities, I realized that there are opportunities that will be available to us to take advantage of before we pass on, and one day those lost opportunities won’t mean a whole lot to me.

Jesus has told us that he has gone to prepare a place for us and that if we chose to be his follower we can take full advantage of it.

If the streets are made of gold and the gates out of pearl I can’t even imagine how beautiful heaven will be. I believe everything will be so perfect that missed opportunities on this earth will never enter our minds.

There is a catch; for everyone will not be able to enjoy such a place. The Bible makes it very plain that there is one requirement to get in and that is that we must be a follower of God’s son Jesus Christ. The good news is that everyone regardless of age, race, gender, income level or nationality is invited to be His follower.

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