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Music and the Spoken Word: Christmas miracles
A nativity scene is on display on the Main Street Plaza in Salt Lake City on Friday, Nov. 24, 2017. - photo by Deseret Connect
Editor's note: The Spoken Word is shared by Lloyd Newell each Sunday during the weekly Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast.

Every year at this holiday season, we ponder the miracle of the Christmas story. And it certainly is a miraculous story with angelic visions, a King born in a stable, and a bright new star in the sky. But do miracles belong only to stories from yesteryear, or do they still happen today?

If one were to look for modern miracles, perhaps theres no better place to look than this magical time of year, the Christmas season.

Miracles take many forms, of course, and many of them are subtle and quiet. But who can say that miracles of forgiving and trusting others, of exercising faith in the face of despair and doubt, are less powerful than a visit from an angel?

Consider, for example, the Christmas miracle of reaching out to a long-lost friend. Recently, one man was determined to find again a dear friend he had not seen in more than 25 years. They now lived thousands of miles apart, but when business took the man near his friends town, he drove two hours to try to meet him. Sadly, he wasnt home, but the man was able to get his phone number, and they finally were able to talk with each other for the first time in decades. What a joyous reunion! They reconnected, they wondered why they had let so much time go by, and they committed to stay in touch.

Christmas is a time for reconnecting with family and with friends. It is a time to rekindle faith, and thats what makes Christmas such a miraculous season. After all, a miracle is an act of faith. And faith is so much more than wishful and positive thinking. Faith is loving, giving, and gathering in the face of opposition; faith is celebrating in the midst of heartache; faith is enjoying the wonder of this season even when life may not seem very wonderful.

Do angels still appear at Christmastime? Yes, and you and I can be the angel. In a simple but very real way, we can be the bright star that guides weary travelers with heavenly light and love, with renewed friendship and faith. What miracle could be more precious at Christmastime?
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