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Mother's role in child's life
Pastor's corner
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First and foremost, I wish all mothers a wonderful and happy Mother’s Day.
When asked what a mother’s role is in a child’s life, you will get a collection of answers. The experience and knowledge gained from intertwined lives provide endless details. Each answer bares its own uniquely modest originality in the characteristics of motherhood.
When comparing the countless events that depict a mother-child relationship from a biblical perspective, I find that the best outcomes for a mother are when God is included in the care of the child. There also is evidence that indicates exclusion of God leads to disastrous outcomes.
Are mothers supposed to be perfect? Not at all — mothers are people with the same misgivings as anyone else. Motherhood, however, is a God-given responsibility for women. From the time someone said, “It’s a girl,” the life and role of motherhood is woven in that child’s future.  How she embraces this role reflects her many decisions. Many have found the strength in motherhood is God, and the success of motherhood is knowing that they can’t do it without Him.
The story in Genesis of a mother named Hagar and her son, Ishmael, tells of a resourceful life alone in the desert. Another mother, Jochebed, was able to keep her son, Moses — and the secret that she was his mother — alive, as recorded in Exodus. Mothers influence the future of their children, as Rebecca did in securing the future of her son Jacob. In Genesis, she advised him how to secure his father’s blessings.
There are many stories of mothers whose faith in God resulted in the safety and provisions their children needed. These stories are strengthening and encouraging for women in the role of mother.
Not all mothers had wonderful outcomes.
In 2 Chronicles, Athaliah caused her son, Ahaziah, to do evil in the sight of God. As his counselor, her advice led to his wicked behavior and his destruction. In 2 Kings, Joram was cast in shadow of his mother. He desired peace when speaking to Jehu. The answer he received called attention to his mother’s negative influence. Jehu answered, “What peace, so long as the idolatry of thy mother Jezebel and her witchcrafts are so many?” (2 Kings 9:22)
The Bible is filled with instructions that empower women to see the greater good in every challenge they face. Mothers are given the awesome responsibility to help their children flourish. They are caregivers. Whether they are cleaning up a mess, comforting fears, teaching a life lesson or doing those special things that say, “I’m here for you,” and, “I love you,” they should know your appreciation.  Mother’s Day is a great time and opportunity to say, “Thank you for all that you do,” to the person who helped you or has filled the role of mother.

Ayala is the pastor of Christ Tabernacle of Faith Church.

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