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Meat, alcohol and Netflix? What each state is giving up for Lent
Lent has started, and people are abstaining from certain things until Easter. What are the most popular choices in each state? - photo by Nick Anderson
People all around the United States are choosing what to give up for Lent, and thanks to their internet searches, we can see what things are the most popular in each state.

Google compiled data from all the states' internet searches to see what people in each state were choosing to abstain from while observing Lent. Any searches including the terms Lent and give up were used by Time magazine to create a map of the results.

According to the data, meat was the most popular thing to give up, taking the majority of the votes in eight of the states. This was followed closely by alcohol, which was the most-searched term in seven of the states. Sugar, chocolate, sweets, dairy and coffee made up the other food-related searches, which means 36 states are abstaining from eating or drinking something.

After the five states deciding to give up sex, the rest of the results vary greatly.

Netflix queues will be abandoned in Idaho, makeup-free faces will be seen in Kansas, and fear and self criticism will be absent in Oklahoma and Virginia. Also, your friends social media accounts might be a little stagnant if they live in Georgia, Oregon, Massachusetts or Tennessee.

For more on the map and the methodology behind it, read the article on Time here.
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