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Making disciples is a must for all Christians
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When Jesus was with his disciples on Earth, he told them that he was going to be leaving them and going back to the father.

Jesus gave them the famous “Great Commission,” when he said for them to go and make disciples of all nations — baptize them and teach them to obey those things Christ taught them.

The great preacher John Wesley taught those entering the ministry that “they had nothing to do but to win souls.” The truth is that any Christian truly has not helped unbelievers unless they find Christ. We all have a responsibility to mankind with the ultimate goal being its salvation.

I recently was at a conference where the speaker said, “There will be many of you that will preach this Sunday, and no one will find Christ, and you will go home and go to bed and sleep well. Many of you may go for a month or even a year and see no one come to Christ, then go to bed each night and sleep well.”

He was saying that it doesn’t bother many of us, and we can be comfortable in the fact that people are not finding Christ. This whole thought does not pertain only to preachers but to every Christian. We ought to feel convicted in our spirits if we are not able to see the Lord use us to bring about transformation in others.

We need to remember that disciple-making does not end with a person making a decision to follow Christ. They need to be obedient in the area of baptism, and they must be taught the word of God.

May the Lord put within us a passion for people who don’t know Christ. May he convict us when that passion is cooling down or is not present at all.

If you would like to talk about turning your life around and having a relationship with our heavenly father, please feel free to call me at 308-7635.

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