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Make sure you've packed well
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This week we were packing our suitcases to go out of town a few days with the grandkids. Two of them packed their own bags, but we went through them to see what they might have forgotten.
One of them did a pretty good job, but the other one forgot a few important things. The bag contained plenty of candy, toys, games and food but only one pair of underwear and one pair of pants.
In a sense, we all are preparing for life’s journey, and we all will have a destination. What we pack will determine where we will end up. Sometimes, the priorities are mixed up, and people pack their lives with pleasure, materialistic things and things that will help them rise in power.
Now, there was nothing wrong necessarily with everything my grandson packed, but he forgot the most important things.
All pleasure, material things or rising in positions are not always bad — as long as they are not violating the word of God. But many times people forget the most important thing.
What is the most important thing?  Nothing less than a relationship with God brought about by deciding to follow Jesus Christ.
Are you prepared for the journey?

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