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Lose all fear of ever feeling lost
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

Several years ago a friend of mine contacted me about going hunting for deer. We were in South Carolina and decided to go to the national forest where both of us had been before.

In the past, we had only gone into the woods a few hundred yards and could easily get back to the vehicle.

On this one occasion, we went in during the early afternoon and went a lot deeper, thinking that it would not be that hard to get out at the end of the hunt.

Well, we soon found out that everything looks the same in the dark – even with a flashlight. We came to the realization that we were lost.

After wandering around for several hours, we finally got out to where we were parked. We should have not been so confident in our abilities and could have used a compass or could have marked our path with reflectors of some type.

In other words, we could have prevented ourselves from being lost in the first place.

Spiritually speaking, we have to come to the realization as humanity that we all are born lost, meaning none of us are born with a relationship with God our Father.

We also have to realize we don’t have to go through all of life in this condition – there is a way to be saved.

In the gospel of Luke, Chapter 15, there are three parables talking about a lost sheep, a lost coin and a lost son. And in each case, that which is lost ends up being found.

The truth being taught here is that Jesus Christ is seeking those who are lost, and heaven rejoices over each one of them who will repent and choose to follow him.

Matthew 18:11 tells us, "The son of man (Jesus) came to seek and save the lost."

So all of us can make preparation by choosing to follow Jesus and in doing so can take away the fear of ever being lost.

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