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Looking forward to Easter Sunday
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I remember looking forward to Easter Sunday when I was a child.
Part of it was the Easter-egg hunt at our small country church after service, but a lot of it was the spirit of celebration. That was evident starting with getting ready for church and carrying on through the service itself. The music was a little more upbeat, and the preacher spoke with a little more excitement. This definitely was a step up from the normal service.
The truth of the matter was — and is —we had a reason to celebrate. After all, for the Christian, Easter is the celebration of the greatest event that happened in history: the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I wonder if that same enthusiasm and anticipation is among us as much today. Are we Christians more excited about our favorite sports team winning or our favorite place to vacation? Do we even get more pumped up about fixing up our yards or washing our new cars?
Even non-Christians should have a reason to celebrate. The Resurrection made it possible for them to have hope of an eternal life in the next world, peace in their souls and a purpose for living here in this world. All they have to do is choose to be a devoted follower of Jesus Christ.
I hope this year you will find a reason to celebrate.

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