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Life takes the flavor we give it
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Spring is alive all around us. The beauty is evident in the blooming trees and azaleas. It is a wonderful time to live in south Georgia! Unless, of course, you have allergies. Mine stay under control most of the time, thanks to the miracles of modern medicine. But I know what it is like to be so clogged by the pollen that I can’t smell a thing. And when you can’t smell anything, you can’t taste anything. And quite frankly it’s hard to enjoy all of the beauty when you feel miserable.
Life is often a mixed bag, isn’t it? We laugh about those who view the glass as half empty as opposed to those who see it as half full. But the fact of the matter is life often takes the flavor that you give to it.
I have seen many people who seemingly had life by the tail, but seemed to be in a bad time all of the time. Conversations with these people can be very depressing. “You look good today.” “Yeah, but I feel miserable.” “I see your vegetable garden is thriving.” “Yeah, but I’m going to have to weed it and then spend half the day picking sometime soon.” “Isn’t it a beautiful day?” “Yeah, but there’s a hurricane off the coast. It’ll probably rain tomorrow.” And on and on it goes. Before long you make the conscience decision to avoid this person if you can.
And yet I have seen people who seem to have everything going against them remain confident in God, no matter the circumstances. A person lying in bed, dying of cancer, greets me with a warm smile, “Pastor, I was just thinking of you and the church. What a blessing to be God’s child.” I’ve heard a man whose home was burned to the ground declare, “We are so glad God protected our family. Those were just things. They can be replaced.”
Life is so often what you make of it. But true confidence comes from this one fact. We know who hold life in His hand. We know that He loves us. He has told us in His word, “Nothing can separate us from the love of God.” And that is what truly helps us to hold on in the midst of troubling times. Troubling times don’t last. But God does. He loves us and wants to help us. He will care for us. Do you trust in Him? I pray that you will believe God, and trust Him to meet your needs. He will not disappoint you.
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