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Life is like a puff of smoke
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The Bible tells us that life is like a puff of smoke; here today but then gone tomorrow. Even if we would live to be 100 years old, that is still a short time compared to eternity.
The truth is, most of us will not make it to 100. None of us know when our time will be up. Our life could end because of bad choices on our part, bad choices by others, or plainly God’s will. The truth is, I don’t know all the reasons but I do know we all will  come to that place.
To me the one most important thing is to be ready to go if our time comes.
If I understand scripture right, there is only one way to get to that place and that is to make the decision to be a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and live a life of obedience to Him. It’s not enough to just believe in the existence of God or a higher power but Jesus made it very plain that He was the only way to the Father.
Another important thing at least to me is that I make some difference while I am here. I would like to leave a positive legacy behind. I want the world to be a better place because I was born. I want to know that others chose to follow Christ because of my witness.
 The good news is that if you are still breathing you still have time to make some adjustments in your life.
If you haven’t accepted Christ you still can. If you haven’t lived an obedient life you can start now.
If you haven’t been a world changer you can begin today.
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