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Let your soul be regulated by Holy Spirit
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It’s that time of year when I am so glad I have a programmable thermostat in my home. That is one of the most remarkable gadgets I ever have installed.
We rarely touch the thermostat at our house. It is set to keep the temperature at the desired setting, both in the summer and winter. It also is set to change when we are at work during the week and at home during the weekend.
The most remarkable feature is that it goes automatically from heat to air conditioning, sometimes on the same day. We may go to bed with air running, only to wake up to the heater. It is fantastic. No one has to get out of bed in the cold to turn up the heat. It comes on 30 minutes before our alarm goes off.
In addition to the convenience, I am told that it saves us money. That is always a good thing.
I am glad to have something regulate the temperature in my home. Sometimes I think I need something to help me regulate the temperature in my heart. And by my heart, I mean in my spiritual life.
I have a tendency to have a roller-coaster kind of experience with God. I have my ups and downs based on the events of the day. When things are going well, I feel great. But when I have a few setbacks, look out.
But when I think about it carefully, I realize that I do have something – or better, someone – to regulate my soul. That someone is the Holy Spirit.
He lives in me and works in my life to help me live in the right way. He gives me power to live in the right way. He captures my attention and draws me back to God when I am going in the wrong direction. And he gives me comfort and hope when I am hurting. He never leaves me. He is always with me. He literally is God’s presence in my life.
I know people have different opinions about the work of the Holy Spirit, and I do not want to stir up controversy. But I am confident that all Christians believe the Holy Spirit is the constant companion and guide of the true believer. And I also am certain that we all agree we need to depend on him more than we do. We all are guilty of doing our own thing and going our own way.
The Lord calls us to walk with him. He wants to help us along the way. The Holy Spirit in our lives gives us the ability to live in a way that brings glory to God. I encourage you, if you are a Christian, to depend on him for the strength you need for each day. He will help you if you will follow him.

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