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Let the sun (Son) shine in
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The place where I live has a whole bunch of trees in the yard. When we first moved in we had satellite television installed but a couple of years ago the experts said that we could no longer get a signal because of too many tree branches in the way (it’s a miracle that we ever did receive a signal). The trees have also caused some problems. I planted some small citrus trees and some blueberry bushes but am having problems getting them to grow because of one key problem; the sun cannot get through. I have taken out some trees and plan to remove many more this spring, which will allow for the sun to shine through and hopefully reap some fruit for my labor in the years ahead. The truth is all I need to do is to let the sun in.

The fact is many people have spiritual trees in their lives Things which keep the Son, (meaning the Son of God, Jesus Christ) from coming into their lives and making a difference.

Things which keep any real spiritual growth from occurring.

Some hang on to bad habits, some hang on to some sin. Some refuse to forgive others for hurts in their past while some can’t forgive themselves. Some are determined to plan their own future and be in the pilot’s seat steering their lives in a selfish direction. The good news is I can do something about the tree problem in my yard and the good news is we can do something about anything that keeps Christ from making a difference in our lives. I can physically take trees out with my chainsaw but we must allow the Holy Spirit of God to start taking our spiritual hindrances away. As we submit to God’s authority and Lordship, He can work miracles in our lives. We can grow up producing fruit that will make a difference in the lives around us.

Lane is pastor of New Beginnings Community Church in Richmond Hill.

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