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Let God help you handle the sin in your life
pastor corner

As I write this column, I am sitting in the waiting room of a car dealer. My wife’s car was recalled, and the work is being done to fix the issue.
We have had no problems with the car. In fact, there was the temptation to overlook the letter telling us about the recall. After all, the old adage says, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  
But then you read that the power steering suddenly could stop working. It will take only an hour to fix. It’s a bit inconvenient to take to the dealership, but then there is no cost for the repair.  The best thing to do is to fix it. Don’t ignore it until something bad happens.
Is that not the way that we treat a lot of situations in life? As long as no one else can see the issue, just keep it hidden. Don’t bring it out into the light. Hide it so that it does not become public knowledge. Maybe it will go away on its own. Perhaps it is not a problem at all.  
That clearly is the way many have dealt with the topic of sin. In fact, there have been those who have attempted to eliminate the word from our vocabulary. That has been true of the general populace. Even many pastors do not speak about sin.  
And yet, it is pure folly to attempt to claim that sin does not exist. You may call it a mistake. You may minimize its significance. But sin is a problem in our world. It destroys relationships, families, businesses and governments. It could be argued that selfishness is at the root of most sin. And all of us exhibit selfishness at times.  
Sin is bad news. It makes the headlines of your favorite newspaper and Internet pages every day. But there is good news. The Bible makes it clear that God offers to forgive our sin when we come to him in repentance and confession. In fact, the Bible says that God will remove our sin from our lives as far as the east is from the west.
Surely, you realize that is an immeasurable distance. It simply is a reminder that God will solve our sin problem when we come to him on his terms.
You may not realize it, but your sin is a problem for you. It is a burden that will weigh you down more than you realize. But God has offered to fix it for you. He will not do so against your will, but the Bible is clear on this issue.
“All who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved” (Romans 10:13). I encourage you to call on him. He will keep his promise to you.

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