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Lessons from a tattoo
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The other day I was in a store and I overheard the cashier talking about her new tattoo. She was so proud of her design which she had created herself. As I looked at that tattoo and another one she had previously had put on, I wondered if some time later in her life she might regret having them put on and might want them removed. As I thought about this I was reminded of the comparisons and contrasts these tattoos had with this thing called sin.

First of all these tattoos are permanent unless someone takes them off. Christ has to take away our sins or they won’t be removed. Also to take them off comes with a high price tag. Christ paid a high price of his life on the cross so that we might be delivered from our sins.

One of the differences between these tattoos and our sin is that in order to get any tattoo one has to voluntarily have it put on, while this is true with our acts of sin we are born with a sinful nature. Another difference is that to have tattoos removed can be detrimental to your health while having our sins taken away will give us the hope of eternal life. Another difference is that if you decide to keep your tattoos you can go on living, but if you keep your sins it will lead to spiritual death and sometimes early physical death.

My issue here is not whether tattoos are right or wrong but to remind us of the spiritual truth that we all need to hear and that is that Christ Jesus came to save sinners. This includes all of us, for the Bible says that all have sinned and fall short of God’s expectations. But there is something else that includes all of us as well and the Bible also says that whoever calls out to the Lord to be saved and forgiven will be saved and forgiven; no matter how much sin or how deep imbedded that sin is. All we have to do is ask with a sincere voice.


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