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Learn from King Davids example
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People go to church or meet up with friends or acquaintances and are asked questions like, “How are you doing?” or “How are things going?”

The common responses are “Fine,” or “Great,” or “Good,” when in reality, things at home are falling apart. Even at home, many are in denial of how bad the situation is, or they think things will get better on their own, or that the problems will magically disappear.

In Scripture, King David committed adultery, had the husband killed and went on with life as if everything was fine. It seemed he was pretty good at this deception thing. When those who were close to David asked him how things were, he probably responded with “Fine,” “Great,” or “Good.” It took a prophet of God to confront David about this sin and deception.

The good news is that once David admitted what he had done and brought the problem out in the open, he received forgiveness and could deal with healing on his part. There still were consequences, which included a lack of respect from those close to him for his deception.

This Sunday, we start a seven-week series on family issues as we look at the life of David. The first week will be on the art of deception, in which we look at the importance of identifying and dealing with problems in the home.

Remember: God wants families to be healthy, strong and honoring to him.

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