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Lean on the Lord in tough times
pastor corner

As I watched the NBA Finals the other night, I saw a lot of disappointment on the faces of players, coaches and fans. I’m confident there were fans who couldn’t sleep because of the outcome.
Several years ago, my high-school team was projected to make it to the championship game to face a team it beat during the season. However, my team was upset in the first game of the sectionals by a team it previously beat by over 20 points. Our town had great expectations, and I found myself not being able to sleep that night until I convinced myself that this really wasn’t something that important to lose sleep over.
There are other things that disappoint people to the point of frustration and maybe even depression, like not getting a particular job, their retirement fund shrinking, breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend, or their house burning down. As bad as these can be, life can get better and things can change in their favor. Even if they don’t, people still can be happy and content.
Your family and health should be the second and third priorities in your life, even if everything else seems to be going sour. The first priority should be your relationship with your heavenly Father. If everything else in life is a disappointment, the Lord won’t be. The Bible says that “if you gain the whole world but lose your soul, what does it profit?”
Preparing for eternity must be your top priority. Again, the Scriptures teach us that any suffering we endure here on Earth cannot compare to what God has in store for those who trust in him.

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