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Jesus proved it's possible to get back up
Pastor's corner
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There are many obstacles we must overcome or maneuver around in our lives. Sometimes these hurdles seem like they’re almost too much to handle and we feel like giving up altogether. Life can hit so hard that it knocks the wind right out of us.
Often, when we hit the ground, we never want to get back up again. It may be the death of a family member, the loss of a job or even a divorce that leaves you mentally and physically devastated.
Whenever I have those seemingly endless bad days and I feel as if there’s no hope in sight, I look inside myself and remember what my Lord did for me. When I am at the end of my rope and I am waving the white flag, I recall the work of Jesus Christ.
My Lord entered Jerusalem knowing exactly what the outcome of His trip would be. Revelers waved their palm fronds and praised Him as He rode in on a donkey.
Soon after, Jesus was tried by an unlawful court system for crimes He did not commit. He was found guilty and was executed by those who hated Him while the crowd that cheered Him one day rejoiced at His death the following week.
I cannot imagine a day like this. It is one thing to be knocked down by those who hate you, but having to watch people who claim to love you rejoice when you’re defeated by the enemy is downright devastating.
There were circumstances that led to Jesus’ death, but He got back up again. He regained His composure, got His second wind and when the enemy thought it was over, He got back up again.
So if my Lord can get back up, I can too. He is my exemplary role model. He is my measuring stick — my standard for living, and He provides the power for me to be what He wants me to be.
Because Jesus got up on His worst day, it soon was followed by His best day. I can get up from my bad day — day after day.

Johnson is the pastor of Mount Zion Memorial Chapel and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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