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It's about more than Sundays
pastor corner

I often wonder who reads the articles I write for the newspaper.
The fact is that newspapers are not as popular as they once were. We can get so much information much more quickly on the Internet, and so many people have abandoned the daily newspaper altogether.  
I grew up reading the paper. Every morning, the Atlanta Constitution arrived at our home far before daylight. When I was young, my dad took it to work to read on his breaks. But he wanted to challenge me to read and to be informed, so he began to read it at the breakfast table.  Then, he left it there for me when I would get up for school a few hours later. I would read the sports page, comics and the front page, usually in that order, especially reading about my Atlanta Braves.
In the afternoons, the Gwinnett Daily News was delivered to my house. Since I got home before Dad, I got to read that first. When I was in high school, during the basketball and baseball seasons, I even could read about my own team, the Dacula Falcons. On the two occasions in my life that I scored 20 points in a game, I hoped that we might be the headline for the sports page. I still have many of those articles in a scrapbook in a closet at our home.
But I digress. Who reads what I write? And how can I make a difference in their lives?
I try not to be too deep or heavy. I try to be encouraging, yet challenging. And I try to offer insight on how to walk with God on a daily basis.
I am convinced that what we do on Sundays in our churches is important. We need to worship with one another. But the Christian life is not simply about Sundays. It is a daily walk with God. It is a lifestyle that should be different.
I hope that I can be an encouragement to you. And if you are not already actively involved in a church family, I would encourage you to make the effort to attend the church of your choice Sunday morning if possible.
I believe that the entire body of believers can help us as we seek to live for the Lord. We can make a difference.

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