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Is there a God? (part 2)
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Last week I posed two questions: Is there a God?, and If so, what is He like?

You are not surprised that my answer to question number one is an unequivocal yes. But again we must determine what He is like.

As you read Isaiah 40, many words to describe God are used. In verses 12 and 13 we see the incomparable nature of God. There is simply no one else like Him.

"To what will you compare him?" the prophet asks. And there is nothing or no one exactly like God. Yes, we have been made in His image. But we have marred that image by our actions and words. God is unlike and above all others. He alone is God. He is incomparable.

God is also all-knowing. In verse 14 Isaiah asks, "Who taught God?" In my life, I have been blessed with some great teachers. For example, Mrs. Puckett taught me to write in cursive in elementary school and Mr. Parrott instilled in me a love for learning in high school.

In college, Dr. Gardner and in graduate school, Drs. Bryson, Bailey, and Akin all helped me in so many ways. I owe such a debt to all these teachers and professors who helped shape my education.

God has never had a teacher. He created it. He already knows it. He knows the good and the bad, the happy and the sad.

Not only that, but He is all-powerful and self-sustaining. Throughout this chapter Isaiah spoke of the folly of worshiping idols, or anything man made. God is not like that. He is the only self-sustaining being in the universe. He owes His existence to no one. And He is able to do all things.

People may believe that they can choose their own paths. But God will have the last word. That is why it is so important to choose to follow Him. He is great indeed.

We live in a world of things. We are surrounded by our possessions, and we often spend much time protecting them. But none of them last forever. Only the Lord does. He is great beyond our imagination.

Children often begin their meal time prayer with that well-known phrase, "God is great, God is good." And indeed, both ideas are true. God’s goodness is seen in the way that He treats us. His greatness is seen in the marvelous world He has created.

You would do well to submit yourself to the God of the universe. He is beyond comparison. And yet He loves you. That is the best news ever!


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