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In times of uncertainties, have faith
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Just ask the average Joe on the street about the economy and the future and it won’t take long to realize that people are full of uncertainties. We don’t know who will be our next president and how it will effect our country and the world as well. We don’t know how high gas prices will go or when someone is going to do something about them.

We don’t know how long our troops will be fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and what the effect will be if and when they do come home.

We don’t know where or when the next terror attack will hit us in America.

Just ask the owner and trainer of Big Brown, the horse that was supposed to win the last big race and win the triple crown, if life is uncertain. Every newspaper, magazine, radio and television media believed that this horse would not have any competition.

Guess what, the odds were wrong and Big Brown didn’t come close to winning.

I have always heard that the only things that are certain are taxes and death. There is however another one.

If you are in a right relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ you have the certainty of eternal life. This means that if you die today you can have the assurance that you would go to heaven.

If things on this earth go from bad to worse, if you are a follower of Christ, you still win.


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